Where to look to find jobs vacancies

With so many different job search sites out there, this can be very confusing and bewildering, so here’s a few hints and tips to help you.

Use social media

Having strong professional social media accounts will help employers to find you so you don’t have to chase them.

Examples of professional social media sites include LinkedIn, MyGWork and The Dots. Set up your profile to show that you’re open for work opportunities. Make sure it’s as up to date as it can be and promotes you in a positive way.

Target your search to sites that specialise in your area of interest

Rather than searching for that illusive needle in a haystack on one of the numerous general job search sites that are out there, try using industry specific ones instead. For example, if you wanted to be a sports coach you could look on UK Sport and, budding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officers could look on DiversityLink.co.uk.

A couple of excellent ways to find these websites is through www.prospects.ac.uk and clicking on the job profiles. Each profile includes a list of industry specific job search sites. Also, the National Careers Service website has job profiles that are linked to the governments find a job site.

Use local knowledge

By looking on the council website for your local area as well as making use of the yellow pages and your own local knowledge, make a note of all the employers related to your career idea. Look on their websites for vacancies and set up job alerts on each of these.

Use the yellow pages via yell.com and search for the type of company you’d be interested in. You can specify as large or small a search area as you like. It will then list every company that matches your criteria, both large and small. Click through to the employer’s site and search for vacancies.

The council web site won’t just have vacancies working at the council, it’ll also have a wide rage of others including, local leisure facilities, parks, museums, schools and education providers, care homes, nurseries and much more.

General mainstream sites

There are a number of these available, but some I’d recommend include:

1. CV-Library

2. Adzuna

3. Glassdoor

4. Monster

5. Indeed

6. Reed

7. TargetJobs

8. Total Jobs

Register on as many of these as you like and set up job alerts.

Align with your ethics and values

As well as searching within a specific sector, you could also search for sites that list opportunities from employers who share your ethical point of view and values.

Proud Employers - Proud Employers helps job seekers find roles with organisations who believe in the power of a workplace that truly welcomes, respects and represents LGBTQ+ employees.

Vercida - This stands for: Values, Equality, Respect, Culture, Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility. The VERCIDA Group have a simple mission: to transform the workplace into a diverse and inclusive environment.

CharityJob - CharityJob is the UK's largest and most specialised job board carrying non-profit, NGO, social enterprise, CIC and voluntary jobs.

These are just a few ideas. If you have any questions or need help with your job search, look at the Queer Careers blog, comment through Queer Careers on Facebook or email me at queercareers@outlook.com

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